Modern Card Issuing

and Payments Platform

for Africa

Modern Card Issuing and Payments Platform for Africa

Sudo is an open API platform that lets you embed powerful financial features into your product. Build in minutes, launch in days.

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Build the future of financial services today!

Our open API platform gives you the ability to programmatically control powerful financial features, develop your own features, integrate securely with other services, and create world-class experiences.

Build in Minutes

Develop unique features by utilizing our suite of open APIs, developer tools, and guides, and launch within days.

Flexible and Customizable

Offer unique features that work for your customers by customizing and building flexible experiences using the Sudo open API.

Compliance and KYC

Sudo takes care of the complex compliance and bank relationships, allowing you to build, launch, and grow faster.


A fast, reliable, and secure platform that is trusted by leading startups throughout the region.

Issue Physical and Virtual Cards

Programmatically create, manage, and distribute both physical and virtual cards with advanced spending controls and real-time authorization, giving you complete control at every step.

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Simple and Efficient Account Management Platform

Create and manage both local and international virtual bank accounts to enable your users to hold funds and manage their cash flow.

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Built For Developers

We carefully consider the appropriate abstractions to eliminate the need for your teams to piece together different systems or invest extensive time in creating new financial features.

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A Supercharged Wallet for Android and iOS

A simple and convenient app designed to help you create and manage cards on-the-go.

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